Managing your property

Managing your property

Many of our landlords like to know someone’s available 24/7 to handle any issues or emergencies that arise. Whether you live locally or some distance away, it’s good to know you won’t get a 3am call about a blocked loo!


Dedicated property management team

Managing a property is a specialist job, requiring specialist skills and dedicated focus. That’s exactly what you get at Woods – 12 full-time property management specialists, looking after your property from our head office at Bradley Stoke.

We’re experienced at resolving all issues from a simple maintenance issue to a complete refurbishment between tenancies. 


Trusted contractors

Because we manage over 1000 properties we’re a good source of business for local contractors, so are able to choose the best in their fields, and ensure their work is carried out promptly, to a high standard and for a fair fee.



In addition to finding you good tenants (find out more), before the tenancy begins, we will:


Make sure your property is legal

We’ll make sure your property is compliant with all relevant safety regulations (find out more) and advise you if action is required to meet the legal standards.


Tenants’ deposits must by law be registered with a government-approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme. This

• provides an independent resolution if any dispute arises between tenant and landlord

• means that landlords cannot unfairly hold on to tenants’ deposits

• gives all parties confidence that deposits are protected by a licenced organisation, which safeguards deposits against rogue landlords, tenants and agents.

We will automatically arrange for the protection of the deposit upon commencement of the tenancy to ensure you are safe and legal. You may request to protect the deposit yourself. Fees apply.

Prepare an Inventory & Schedule of Condition

This is an important snapshot of your property’s condition before your tenants move in, and is vital if there are any disputes when they move out. We use both in-house clerks and fully qualified contractors to ensure the best quality inventories are completed in the quickest time (meaning shorter void periods for you).

We then ask the tenants to take their time and agree the inventory before handing it back.



During the tenancy we’ll:


Collect the rent

Every month we’ll ensure the rent is collected and pass it onto you by BACS, after any deductions for our fee or maintenance costs.


On-call 24/7

We’re on-call 24/7 to handle any problems or questions our clients’ tenants may have. Any minor repairs (under £250) we’ll simply carry out what’s necessary without troubling you, using our trusted local contractors. For anything over £250 we seek your authorisation before works commence, and check its quality afterwards – although in the case of an out-of-hours emergency, we make sure the property and tenants are safe even if it’s over £250. 



Arrange annual gas-safety checks

We’ll arrange your property’s annual gas-safety check (required by law) and advise you of any action needed to ensure compliance. 



Shortly before a tenancy expires, we’ll ascertain from you and your tenants whether the tenancy is to be renewed. 

If both are happy to renew, we’ll 

  • review your tenants’ rent, and try to negotiate an appropriate increase
  • issue a tenancy renewal 
  • arrange the gas-safety inspection 
  • carry out a property inspection.

If you require possession of your property, we’ll 

  • issue a Section 21 notice to end your tenancy. 



At the end of the tenancy we’ll:

  • complete a thorough check-out inspection, giving you an independent view on any damages or dilapidations incurred
  • oversee the return of deposits, and liaise with the tenants and/or tenancy deposit scheme as necessary
  • offer advice on repairs, re-furnishing or refurbishment that’s required between tenancies
  • advise of repairs that may be essential or otherwise following the tenants’ departure.


Tennant fees

If you have any questions about managing your property, please feel free to get in touch.