Getting good tenants

Getting good tenants

Good tenants who’ll look after your property and pay the rent in full, every month give you a better income, and less hassle. Here’s how we ensure your tenants will be among the best available.


good tenants

"In the last 1000 tenancies, we’ve only had two who turned out to be bad payers."
Lisa Sharpe, MNAEA MARLA, Associate Director

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We accompany all viewings

At Woods, we make sure we accompany tenants on viewings – not just for the security of your property and any existing tenants – but also to give us a feel for the sort of tenants they’d make.  Accompanying viewings also means we can give you accurate feedback to you quickly.


Professional referencing

At Woods we only choose tenants who are in full-time employment and use the market-leading tenant-referencing agency to check that they have a clear credit history. 


A sixth-sense for good tenants

Even if we get an ‘OK’ from our referencing company, we apply our own logic and ‘sixth-sense’ to the tenants we meet. If something doesn’t stack up, a director will review their application and if necessary will politely decline it and we’ll keep looking for the right tenant.



Tenants’ deposits must by law be registered with a government-approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme. This

• Provides an independent resolution if any dispute arises between tenant and landlord

• Means that landlords cannot unfairly hold on to tenants’ deposits

• Gives all parties confidence that deposits are protected by a licenced organisation, which safeguards deposits against rogue landlords, tenants and agents.


We will automatically arrange for the protection of the deposit upon commencement of the tenancy to ensure you are safe and legal. You may request to protect the deposit yourself. Fees apply.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.