How upcycling could add £10K to the value of your home...

If you’re new to upcycling, don’t worry, we’re here to explain what it is and how to do it...

As house prices continue to soar throughout the UK, more and more homeowners are planning to sell and are beginning to decorate and renovate in order to get the maximum possible price for their property. Inspired by social media, many are turning to the new trend of upcycling and transforming their homes at a fraction of the cost of buying items at full price.

Improve presentation to add value 

Some buyers are looking for fixer-uppers and are happy to put in the work to put a stamp on their new home. The majority, however, are looking for the finished article. And whether it’s renovating your front door or revamping a built in wardrobe, making small changes can make a big difference when it comes to selling. According to DIY experts, improving the presentation of your home and maximising its marketability could add as much as £10,000 onto its value.*

How can you add up to £10,000 onto your property’s price tag?

Upcycling involves taking an existing item and repurposing it to avoid throwing it away. It’s now a common practice in interior design. The quirky nature of upcycling means that it's not too difficult to create something that could make your home stand out. If you’re not the handiest with the tool kit or struggle with re-imagining furniture, don't worry. The internet is a wonderful tool and is full of inspiring ideas – websites like Pinterest and Instagram are brimming with images of bookshelves made from ladders, bicycle wheels turned into clocks and much more. This kind of statement piece is sure to make your home memorable for a potential buyer and even though these items may not be sold with the home, it’s all about displaying the potential for your property to be a unique and interesting place to live.

Reduce your family's carbon footprint 

As well as creating wonderful works of art for your home, it’s also possible to add practical, everyday things that can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. In a world where we're all trying to be conscious of what we consume and waste, upcycling is a great way to reduce the amount of refuse that ends up in landfills, degrades the soil and causes water and air pollution.

Boost kerb appeal to attract more buyers

If you're looking to sell quickly, the fastest and most effective way to improve the value of your home is kerb appeal. The front of your home is the first thing potential buyers see when they approach your property and according to the experts this is one area in which you must impress. But, instead of spending money on new window frames, why not upcycle to breathe new life into them. The same goes for the front door. Research shows that a fresher outer appearance with small touches like a shiny, eye-catching door number can add considerable amounts to the value of your home.

How to get started

Ready to give it a go? Here are some simple steps you can take to transform your front door.

  1. Use tape to protect the areas that could get splashed with paint i.e letterbox, doorbell or frame.
  2. Apply paint stripper to remove the old, worn paint from the door.
  3. If the wood is unvarnished, sand down the surface and brush away the dust.
  4. Prepare and apply a primer across the areas you plan to paint.
  5. Wait for the primer to dry before applying the first coat of coloured paint.
  6. Paint your door evenly for the best finish.
  7. Once dry, add a layer of paint.
  8. Paint smaller areas with a brush and larger areas with a roller to save time.
  9. Add an upcycled knocker, number, door bell or letter box frame.
  10. Use copper or brass cleaner and very fine steel wool to polish the door's metal accessories.
  11. Condition the door with oil to seal and protect against the rain.

It really is that easy! By taking action and being creative with what you already have you could potentially add a substantial amount to the value of your home. Want to discover what your home could be worth today? Get a free online valuation – it takes just 60 seconds!

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